Progression: Print or Broadcast?

Posted on March 17, 2011


I had to make the most important decision of my first year at UCLan this week, which platform I would choose to progress onto into my second year (If i make it that far…)

I had to make the decision between radio and television or Print.

StudioIf I choose to progress onto the broadcast and television route; I would be spending my hours in front and behind the camera or in the television studio or behind the controls or on the mic in the radio studio. I would be learning about interview techniques, recording and editing and how to create news bulletins.

Or if I choose to progress onto the print route; I would be spending my time in the classroom. I would be learning about writing, reporting and publication in preparation for a professional newsroom.

Ever since that I decided that I wanted to become a journalist, I’ve always had a huge interest in writing news story’s for newspapers or features for magazines, I’ve always had a passion for writing and thought journalism would be the perfect career path to take for pursue my passion.

This year I’ve been studying for my journalism degreee and my passion for Print Journalism has increased; it has provided me with key skills and techniques that will help me in my quest to fulfill my dream career.

So next year, hopefully, I will studying Print Journalism and hope many others will choose to do so too.

And hopefully after finishing my degree, you might see my name in The Guardian or Look Magazine.

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